SHAC Committee

Welcome to the Cooper ISD School Health Advisory Council!

The mission of the Cooper ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is to strengthen school and community health through Coordinated School Health efforts that support the Whole School, Whole Child, and Whole Community.

Members consist of CISD parents, students, school personnel, and other community members. SHAC members collaborate with Campus Improvement Teams, review Cooper ISD coordinated school health programs and make improvements to the health and wellness of our Cooper ISD community.

For more information about the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) or upcoming meetings please contact Addie Elliott or call via phone (903)-300-3916.

SHAC Bylaws

TEA Rights and Responsibilities

Cooper ISD has established and maintained a school health advisory council which met 4 times during the previous school year.  The district has adopted policies to ensure compliance with state/federal mandated requirements for 1) physical education, 2) food service guidelines, and 3) penalties for use of tobacco products on school property or events.  For more information, see the following information and policies:

- the establishment of the School Health Advisory Council  BDF (LEGAL)*

- elementary students in grades kindergarten through 5th receive a minimum of 135 minutes of physical activity per week  EHAB(LEGAL)*  If elementary PE classes have a student teacher ratio greater than 45 to 1 an instructional aide will be provided.

- junior high students in grades 6th through 8th participate in the physical education program  EHAC (LEGAL)*

- students in grades 3rd through 12th participate in an annual physical fitness assessment.  Parents/guardians may obtain a copy of the individual assessment results by contacting the campus office.  FFAA (LEGAL)*

- the district has adopted the curriculum "Why Know?" in accordance with EHAA (LEGAL)*

- the district has adopted policies to ensure compliance with food service guidelines.  As part of these policies, access to vending machines has been removed and/or powered off to restrict student access on the elementary and junior high campus.  CO (LEGAL)* 

- the district has adopted policies to address bullying of district students FFI (LOCAL)*

- the district has adopted policies to prohibit usage of tobacco products on school property or events GKA (LEGAL)*, FNCD (LEGAL)*.  Visitors in violation of these policies will be removed from school premises and may be referred to law enforcement agencies.  For further student information, see the campus student handbook and student code of conduct.

*All CISD policies can be found in our Board Policy Manual included in the visitor's section of our website.