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Posted Date: 08/22/2016

Welcome Beginner Band Students and Parents to the Cooper Mighty Maroon Band Program!!!

You are greatness!!!!

This page is where we will be putting constant updates for upcoming band events and annoucements.  The section entitled Cooper Beginning Band is designed for our beginning band.  The website is a new addition to our program and are hoping it will help aid in communication.  This newness is also one of the reasons it isn’t complete yet.  We will be working on it throughout the school year to make it easier to navigate and to place all the information needed on it.

Today, August 22, 2016, our beginner band students will have a folder to take home with their name on it.  Their assignment is to bring back this folder with the Student Information Sheet, Student Questionaire, and the last page in the Band Handbook  filled out back on Friday the 26th

Please continue to check this page for more updates.  Have a blessed day!


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