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“Before you can lead anyone, you have to love them. When you love people, you see potential. When there isn’t love, you see fault. Love your players, see their potential, and lead them.” 

Ken Niumatalolo- Head Football Coach U.S. Naval Academy

There are many reasons the above quote means a great deal to me. First it’s something I truly believe in and wish I had the eloquence of Coach Ken to state. Secondly, he is a man who is charged with leading natural born leaders for the Naval Academy. To know a man to have the ability to lead, love, and inspire these men of such character brings chills when I think of the bond they have created for one another. And third, it’s football, and who doesn’t get excited about that, epsecially in the great state of Texas?!!

Most people believe, when it comes to schools, that the leaders are people like the principal, supetintendent, athletic directors and such. And yes, they are put into leadership positions. But EVERY classroom teacher is a leader. EVERY director. EVERY teacher’s aide, and EVERY employee is a leader. And we have been truly blessed at Cooper High School to have a teaching staff of truly remarkable leaders. Leaders have the opportunity to love, inspire, and mold young people so that they can in turn become leaders. Certainly Cooper High School teachers make it a personal mission to lead our students because we believe wholeheartedly that we are a family. 

In the coming days the 2018/19 school year will begin. It is shaping up to be an incredible journey that will provide our students with challenges in the classrooms, the athletic fields, and in their numerous extra-curricular activities. Cooper High School is an amazingly bless school where I and our staff will lead and inspire your children. We believe in being a CHAMPION FOR STUDENTS! We will EXPECT EXCELLENCE and not allow average to be who we are! We promise to CARRY THE BANNER for the students and celebrate their accomplishments! And, we will be a Merchant of hope and provide them with a climate and support and encouragement. #AVIDUP #BeRelentless #RiseUpBulldogs



Richard Roan