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District Improvement Team


The District Improvement Team shall be composed of members who shall represent Campus based professional staff, District level professional staff, parents, businesses, and the community.  At least two-thirds of the District and campus Professional staff representatives shall be classroom teachers.  The remaining employee representatives shall be professional nonteaching District and campus level staff.  District level professional staff shall be defined as professionals who have responsibilities at more than one campus, including, but not limited to, central office staff.

District Improvement Team Members

Amber Norris PJ Knickerbocker Benita Woods Tracey Blish
Derrick Robinson Jacey Blevins Beth Preas Amy Hoskinson
Courtney Stewart Cortney Worden Kameron Carmon Maggie Ramos
Neely Kelley Stephanie Thornton Tate Arthur Cayson Spinks
Lori Burgin Sharon Johnson Katie Goodson  



Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, Oct. 12th  at 5:30 PM: Needs Assessment, Staff Development, Accountability, Legislative Updates, Incentive Portolio Criteria, District Improvement Plan Updates and Equity Plan/Family Engagement Policy

Tuesday, Nov. 9th at 5:30 PM: Needs Assessment, Incentive Portfolios, Calendar, Accountability, Legislative Updates & District Improvement Plan Updates

Tuesday, Dec. 7th  at  5:30 PM: Calendar, Annual Performance Report, Goals & Objectives, Accountability, Legislative Updates & District Improvement Plan Updates

Tuesday, Mar. 8th at 5:30 PMProgram Evaluation, Accountability, Legislative Updates & District Improvement Plan Updates

Monday, April 11th at 5:30 PM: District of Innovation Plan Review Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 7th Online Meeting: District Improvement Plan Updates

Location: Regular Meetings will be held at the Central Administration Office



In compliance with Education Code 11.251, the District-Level Committee shall advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District's  educational goals, objectives, and major Districtwide classroom instructional programs identified by the Board or its designee. The committee shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that the committee shall approve staff development of a Districtwide nature.