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Cooper Elementary
1401 SW 8th Street
Cooper, TX 75432


Phone: 903.395.2111 ext 3850 or Option 2
Fax: 903.395.2019


Principal: Lynn Byrd

Asst. Principal: Katie Bassham

Counselor: Mrs. Jeanette Burnett


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Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide


Did you know that there are studies to prove that children who do not read or have access to books during the summer lose up to two months of reading ability? Over time, those losses can add up and cause your child to be up to 2.5 years behind by the time they reach middle school! There are some ways to prevent the “summer slide” altogether. Read on to find out!


  1. Visit our local base library. There is a summer reading challenge starting June 11th, 2018, along with some other fun events at the library this summer. You can help your child find good fit chapter books, picture books, and non-fiction texts.
  2. Be sure your child reads at least 20 minutes a day. This could be in the form of reading a book aloud to you, reading a book silently and then telling you about it, or taking turns reading with an adult or sibling. The amount of time a child spends reading outside of school each day DOES make a huge difference in the child’s reading ability.
  3. Set a good example! Read to your child, but also read on your own and be sure your child sees you setting the example.
  4. Read to your child - no matter their age! When kids hear adults read, they hear the rhythm of fluent reading. They also hear the variety of literature that is available if you take time to vary what you are reading (the newspaper one day, a chapter book for a week, poetry here and there - you get the idea!)
  5. Read for many purposes. Reading can mean reading through a recipe together as you prepare dinner, or reading the directions for assembling a new toy or some new furniture.  
  6. Play games with words to help your child develop their vocabulary and love of language. This could be Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, Scrabble, or other games that you find that involve words. It could be as simple as pictionary!
  7. Help your child use their electronic device (iPad, iPhone, tablet, phone, etc.) to work on reading skills through fun reading apps and games. Many are free. Of course, all electronics should be used in moderation and cannot replace ACTUAL books!

Summer School Begins May 29 thru June 26

7:30 am until 12:00pm



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First Day of School 2018-2019

August 16th