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CISD Bully Report Form


Partnerships between students, parents, employees and public safety officials make a our student’s learning environment exceptional.  To keep our stakeholders informed we are sharing information about SB 179 also known as David’s Law.  This bill makes cyberbullying a Class A misdemeanor and allows a temporary injunction against social media accounts used to electronically harass a student under the age of 18 through text message, social media, websites or other means with the intent of causing them to harm themselves.


Cooper ISD’s anti-discrimination policy is found in the student code of conduct and prohibits cyberbullying.  Districts have the authority to investigate cyberbullying and to work with law enforcement to conduct such investigations.  If a student believes they are a victim of cyberbullying or if a parent, teacher, administrator or other school personnel have knowledge about an incident of cyberbullying they can report it by using Cooper ISD’s Anonymous Alerts Reporting System.   This anonymous alert system allows students or parents to anonymously submit any sensitive or urgent student issue quickly to school officials.  Student safety is a top priority at Cooper ISD, we plan to continue to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all.


Access the reporting link at: or the QR Code below.